UPF Barcelona School of Management is the first institution in Spain to join the QTEM (Quantitative Techniques for Economics and Management) Network.   


This is a very prestigious  MSc extension program that allows outstanding students enrolled in the MSc in Management (and  specializations) and MSc in Finance and Banking to join and enjoy the benefits of a strong network of highly-ranked universities such as the BI Norwegian Business School, the Technical University of Munich and Waseda University, as well as international corporate partners. Students will be able to spend a semester abroad and engage in professionally valuable internships. This means great opportunities for self-development at both a personal and professional level.


Through this step, UPF Barcelona School of Management provides its MSc students with a unique asset to compete in the competitive professional world which is increasingly demanding a good understanding of the nexus between management practices and quantitative skills.   


Bruno van Pottelsberghe, QTEM Secretary General, at the QTEM information session for our MSc students (January 2019)


To better understand the main features of this program  we talked directly to the UPF Barcelona School of Management QTEM Dean, Professor Mircea Epure,  who shared his thoughts on the program with us.   


Professor  Epure’s  first observation about the program was not only related to its high quality, but also the aim of QTEM. An important feature of QTEM is that it is not merely an advanced program in quantitative techniques but also a bridge between management and data analysis. In fact, QTEM allows students to tailor the program based on their main interests. Students can choose to  specialize  in Finance & Risk Management, Strategy & Innovation or Marketing & Supply Chain to mention just three of the available options. Furthermore, they can also tailor their experience based on geographical preferences.    


According to Professor  Epure, the QTEM program has three  “star ”  features:   


Networking: Students  have the opportunity to  build a strong network both professionally and personally. Throughout their study-abroad experiences and curricular internships they will be able to meet and interact with fellow students, academics and professionals in their field of interest. This competitive  assessment  does not stop at graduation, as QTEM actively manages the alumni network and their career progress.


Corporate Partners: The QTEM program is proud of having prestigious firms such as McKinsey, Deloitte, Santander and EY as corporate partners. These firms  have the opportunity to  monitor and assess students from the moment they are selected to join the program, throughout their curricular internship/s, right up to the hiring process. This close interaction between students and corporate partners may lead to very interesting job prospects for the students.


Data Challenge Event: This event is a unique opportunity for MSc students to  actually engage  in a real-life managerial decision-making process under the supervision of real experts. Students are required to join a team of other QTEM students and apply their knowledge in data analysis and quantitative techniques to provide interesting and innovative solutions. All of this is under the supervision of industry field experts.


Therefore,  the QTEM program is a unique opportunity for highly motivated MSc students to join a prestigious network of universities and industry partners, to network with all the members of the QTEM community, to apply their  newly-developed quantitative skills  in front of industry experts  and send a strong signal to the job market.   


For more information about the QTEM program, features and admission requirements, please visit the following websites: