Last Wednesday, March 14, our Master of Science in Management and Entrepreneurship  students had the privilege of visiting Pier01, the headquarters of Barcelona Tech City. This experience enabled us to get an insider’s perspective of one of the most important entrepreneurial hubs in Europe, which is full of opportunities.


Our visit, arranged by Susana Domingo, coordinator of the Entrepreneurship track of the MSc in Management, started by meeting Joana Fusté, CMO of the organization, and Julian May, Investment Analyst at Nuclio, a venture builder with office at Pier01. Julian is also an alumni of our MSc in Management and Entrepreneurship.



After we arrived, Joana and Julian gave details about what Barcelona Tech City and Pier01 do. In summary, Barcelona Tech City is a non-profit organization that connects different agents to form the perfect ecosystem for digital and technological startups to thrive in Barcelona. To achieve this, Pier01 was established as a physical headquarter where all these agents could meet.


During our visit across all the different floors and rooms of the building, we learned about what makes Pier01 so special. There are three main reasons:




  1. Its size of more than 11,000m2 is home to 100 startups where more than 1,200 professionals work.
  2. Its symbiosis between accelerators, incubators and big companies where intrapreneurship is fostered. Some of these big companies that have their innovation centers here include Seat, Gas Natural, Telefónica, and the Payment Innovation Hub (Caixabank, VISA, Samsung, Arval, Global Payments).
  3. Finally, its internationalization. 30% of the people that work at Pier01 come from other countries and/or have had international working experience.


We also got the chance to learn about new startups and visit their modern-looking offices. One of these is By Hours, co-founded by Christian Rodriguez, alumni of the Barcelona School of Management’s MBA programme. By Hours offers the possibility to book hotels for less than 12 hours and is targeted at people who want to rest but don’t need to book a full day at a hotel


We also visited Nuclio, the venture builder where Julian works as an Investment Analyst. Nuclio’s goal is to search for successful business models across the world, then to implement them in Spain through the promotion of new startups. Julian’s main role is to search for investment opportunities for these startups and to provide them with financial support.


One key lesson he gave us is that, “The most important part of a startup is the team. It will not work out with a bad team.”



Certainly, our visit to Pier 01 demonstrated that there are many opportunities for entrepreneurs to thrive. Developing a startup is easier if you have the support of a fantastic ecosystem like Barcelona Tech City.


If you want to get involved, you can participate in the many networking events, speaker conferences and more that are frequently organized in Pier01. Follow this link for details.




Last but not least, remember this message from Nuclio:



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