To get the best out of your Barcelona experience, there’s no better way than immersing yourself into Catalan culture. But if you want to watch the latest blockbusters in their original language, there are plenty of options across the city.


Programme manager and film fanatic Roser Tresserras gives us the inside information on where to watch the latest releases.



Verdi, Gracia:

Shows mainly European films and the occasional American indie flick, with an increasing number of commercial hits. Spanish subtitles.



Easy to get to from Campus, this 15-screen multiplex on Avinguda Icària shows mainly commercial films. Spanish subtitles.


Renoir Floridablanca, Sant Antoni:

A small multiplex with a good selection of original language films. Spanish subtitles.


Texas, Gracia:

This small cinema that screens mostly European films or co-productions at a bargain price of 3€. Catalan subtitles.



A tiny cinema with two screens showing a mix of classic and commercial films. Spanish subtitles.


Balmes, Sant Gervasi:

A 12-screen multiplex for commercial films. Spanish subtitles.


La Filmoteca de Catalunya, Raval:

This film library and archive screens classics, cartoons, documentaries and more for just  4€. The programme is released monthly and also includes exhibitions and workshops. Spanish and Catalan subtitles.


And last, but definitely not least…


Phenomena Experience, near Sagrada Familia:

It may have only one screen, but this wonderful little cinema shows a mix of commercial, retro, 80’s-nostalgia, horror movies, Japanese anime and vintage films. They screen different films every day of the week, so check their website to find out what’s on. Tickets sell fast and be prepared to queue. Some say it’s the best screen and sound in Barcelona – I have to say I’m inclined to agree. Spanish subtitles.


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