Eulogi Bordas is the Co-founder and CEO of Photoslurp, a platform that allows all types of brands to engage with their biggest fans by featuring their content across the brand’s online shopping journey. Therefore, we are dealing with a highly technological firm currently located in one of the hearts of the Barcelona start-ups community, Barcelona Activa.


We had the pleasure of meeting Eulogi directly in his company venue to converse with him about his journey towards a career as an entrepreneur and his pieces of advice for former, current and future MSc students who join BSM-Pompeu Fabra University with the ambition of becoming entrepreneurs.


Eulogi started his career immediately after obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Pompeu Fabra University. Being one of the top 10 students in his group allowed him to join a prestigious strategy consulting firm. This would look like a dream for many people eager to start a career in consulting, but Eulogi felt he needed a new challenge, so jointly with three colleagues of his decided to start something new. They approached a leading Human Resources company to get the resources to build a consulting unit within the firm. This also turned out to be a successful adventure for Eulogi.


After two years being the Strategy Consulting Manager of this new unit, he needed to discover what was that could make his professional career not only successful, but also a happy journey. Therefore, he started thinking about the things that made him happy when he was a kid: he loved playing with those old video games that required coding in order to work. Hence, he realised he wanted to enter the tech world. “I knew that the tech world was my world and I had to enter it somehow, but while my gut feeling was telling me to jump in, my brain was weighting all the risks associated with that”.


At that moment, Eulogi joined a tech-oriented company as a General Manager. This allowed him to still be able to do what he was good at doing, but also to test himself within a tech company and learn how things are done there, without having to incur in important personal and financial risks yet. He went through this process for 2 years and he realised that his gut feeling was right.


I had many ideas, but I was not able to put any of those into practice and it was even difficult to find a tech partner”. To solve this issue, Eulogi joined an online community where business people meet tech people to create synergies and start new businesses. Eulogi said smiling, “I basically found my business partner through a sort of Tinder for entrepreneurs”. Through this community Eulogi found his match, who showed him a very interesting business idea that ended up being very close to what he wanted to do. After a series of meeting to align their visions, they decided it was time to start and it was on January 2015 when Photoslurp was born.


We asked him to give some advice to our students dreaming to become entrepreneurs he said:


1. Persistence: Do not settle! As long as you work hard and well you will eventually get results. Do something you enjoy, do it constantly and be patient!


2. Do not start alone: Building a company it is not easy and we are not speaking of the legal part, there are lawyers taking care of that. There are plenty of issues to overcome that take time and effort. Even if you have the most detailed business plan, it will not be valid since the first day and you will constantly change it. “Building a company is like a marathon through the desert and having a partner will help you complete the journey. You will have someone to share moments of joy, complaints and celebrations.”


3. Do not look at the size of the market, but if what you are doing makes you happy: Market size, competitive environment or product substitutes are important up to a certain point. You must enjoy the process: “choose a project for which you would enjoy working on a Sunday at midnight”


Eulogi Bordas working with his employees at Photoslurp