The team behind an app which helps people link their favourite sports activities with social events in their area have been named this year’s Puma Challenge Garage winners.

Run the Streets: Embrace the Local in You was developed by Melek Kücükaksu (Marketing), Joakim Wennerlund, Evan Derian and Pau Miñarro (International Business) and Kamil Ratajczyk (Finance and Banking). It was one of seven projects presented to a panel of experts from Puma and the UPF Barcelona School of Management as part of the Puma Challenge, an annual event which encourages MSc students to tackle real business challenges.


The winning app enables users to discover sports and social events and activities in their area, linking sports activities and social lives to plan out the major sporting and social events in their city. As well as planning their own activities, users can see whether friends are attending, as well as earn attendance points that can be exchanged for discounts and invitations.


“We’re bringing the global values of Puma to the local level via local partners,” said the team during their pitch. “The app will not only allow us to present ourselves as a cool brand with great offers, but also provide an opportunity to meet our audience and design unique, standout experiences in line with their expectations.”


Juan Carlos Jiménez is head of sales at Puma. “The winning team were able to identify local events and people that can connect the brand to the consumer, and bring them together using an app that will allow us to digitally obtain information and knowledge about our clients,” he said. He praised the team for strategic thinking, planning and ingenuity, adding:”We can start implementing the proposal here without it affecting the rest of the company. That’s what convinced us.”


Jiménez praised the quality of all seven finalists. “We were really surprised by the students’ capacity to develop ideas that clicked perfectly with us, without having access to all the data or much knowledge of the company,” he said.


Daniel Serra is Dean of UPF Barcelona School of Management. He said of the annual event.“We must produce graduates who are more creative and who are capable of finding innovative solutions to the problems companies face today.”



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